Project Description

This application provides a GUI for working with Pivot Collections by Live Labs (Get Pivot). The purpose of this application is to fill in the gaps that the Pivot Collection Tool for Microsoft Office Excel does not do. For example import and export CXML files. This application is built on the lower level assemblies from Pivot Collection Tools project. This project is currently an Alpha build, but there is enough features included to prove the concept of using Pivot Collection Tools to interact with CXML files, build Pivot Collection, and build the associated Deep Zoom Collection.

Pivot Collection Maker


  • Create a Schema.
    • Create Categories.
    • Associate Columns to a category
    • Allow for multiple values for one category
  • Save and Load Projects.
  • Import/Export Data as CXML.
  • Publish Collection.
    • Creates the Pivot CXML File.
    • Creates Deep Zoom Images (DZI).
    • Creates Deep Zoom Collection (DZC).
  • Import/Export CSV Files (Thanks to KBCsv

Future Plans

  • Preview Images.
  • Complete the functionality of the grid.
    • Add row.
    • Delete a row.
    • Change values.
  • Show progress when publishing.
  • Add Data Types.
    • Range input. (For example allowing values from 0 to 10).
    • Look up Types (For example states).
    • Add the ability to convert a data type for a Category/Column/Cell.
  • I'm open to any suggestions.

Further Reading

I have some blog entries on the concepts behind the application over at Computer Guy .
Also some blog entries from Matt Van Horn on the concepts behind the Pivot Collection Library.

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